Dagmar Colon D.D.S Smiles on 1st Dental services

We provide you with most dental services ranging from the most basic dentistry needs to full-mouth rehabilitation. Dr. Colon and her highly-trained staff offer a full range of dental services, whether it is general needs, reconstructive, along with wide range of cosmetic services, and much more.  Below is a list of many of the services we provide.





Veneers Permanently ‘whiten’, and in some cases, ‘straighten’ your teeth using veneers. Veneers fix spaces and chips with minimal tooth reduction, if any. Veneers mask intrinsic stains, and can also lengthen short teeth. No shots! click here for more information

Crown and Bridge Crowns or ‘caps’, cover the entire tooth when the tooth is compromised with a large filling. When a tooth has a large filling breaks or chips, usually the portion of the tooth that is broken is the tooth, not the ‘filling’. Crowns are also placed on teeth that have had root canal treatment because of a probable fracture.

Bridges are used to replace a missing tooth or teeth by placing crowns on both sides of a space where a tooth was extracted.  The space is filled in with a ‘bridge tooth’, and it is connected to the two crowns.

Extractions This is the removal on non-restorable teeth.

Implant Restorations Dental Implants are placed in the jaw to replace missing teeth. Once healed, the implants are fitted with implant crowns to restore proper form and function of the teeth that were missing.

Partial or Complete Dentures These are removable prostheses worn to replace missing teeth.  They aid in smiling, eating, speaking. They can either be ‘partial’, replacing a few teeth, or ‘complete’, replacing all of the teeth.

Comprehensive Treatment Planning We create a treatment plan for the entire mouth. We inform our patients of the ‘needed treatment’ (cavities, etc) and give plans for restoring the entire dentition, estimating insurance coverage when needed.

Emergency Appointments We diagnose painful and/or broken teeth and propose treatment options.